Speculations whether Anastacia is born in 1968 or 1973 have been around for quite a while but now Anastacia comes clean in an interview with Fabulous magazine:

“I’m turning 40,” she confesses. “And I’m happy to tell Fabulous because I’ve always lied about my age.”

And the fib had a huge impact when Anastacia was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003.

Although she was 35, her fans thought she was 31, making the story of her illness even more shocking.

“At that point I thought I really didn’t care that it was a lie,” she says, “because people thought that being young meant you didn’t get cancer, but there were tons of young women who wrote to me and had cancer.

“I felt I needed to be the voice for that.”

After beating the disease, Anastacia tried to correct her age.

“I would just say I was in my 30s.

“But that became embarrassing because people would wonder what I was hiding. I’m thrilled I can finally be 40.”

She freed herself from the lie after signing a new record deal and unveiling a softer look to promote her fifth album, Heavy Rotation.

Full Story at fabulousmag.co.uk. Remember to apply salt generously.

source – Buzzjack / Josh

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OMG according to Eva.ro, the video for ‘I Can Feel You’ will be directed by Chris Applebaum (Rihanna’s Umbrella, Britney Spears’ Overprotected) and will be shot in LA next week. Can’t wait for the Premiere, Anastacia looks so good oh YEAH she’s gonna ROCKKK ;D


The video was shot last week 😉


I want images of the video, somebody got them? ;D


Well I appreciate her honesty. 🙂


Me too, even though it took a while. 😉

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